I like simple things that adds character to the room. Little things like decorative pieces that can transform the dull looking space into a more vibrant space. It puts a smile on me whenever I see these little things.

Bedroom decor with just Big Painting
Bedroom decor with just a Big Painting

Can you imagine that this beautiful white petal art piece was created by a Malaysian artist and it costs not more than RM4,000. Looking at this masterpiece, we were told that this type of art costs at least RM30,000. Not only it matches the room, this piece of drawing has served as an ideal featured wall, added character to this master bedroom. We bought this from ArtFordable. Check them out!

The two little drawings at the bottom was made and given by my best friend as a house-warming gift. When in college, I always see her drawing abstract art with a ball pen in the class when she gets bored. One fine day, I was browsing through Instagram and saw her posting her abstract drawing. I messaged her and jokingly asked her for 2 piece of any abstract drawing. She was unsure as this will be her first piece in a bigger scale. I convinced her, “Look! It is perfect!” You will not believe that this is drawn with just a ball pen. If you are interested to have a piece of this, I can introduce her. Of course, with a price tag. *wink*


This is part of the decor from the workroom. Though we call it as workroom, we do not use this office due to insufficient natural lighting. It’s demotivating, depressing to work in a dim room. We used our living room, dining room and master bedroom as our portable workspace.

Top left: Another piece of art by the ArtFordable, also by Malaysian Artist. Each of their drawings are unique and has only one piece, price range from RM500 and above. Art from figurative, abstract, contemporary feng-shui drawing, landscape and more are available there. If you are looking for unique, elegant, affordable and cheap art in Malaysia, look no further to ArtFordable.

Right: Standing Lamp. Our initial plan for this workroom is to add a daybed for me, so I can read and work there. The room size could not fit it, hence we have this standing lamp. We got this from BoConcept in Bangsar Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur. We have been seeing this similar standing lamp from the online wholesaler shop from China (Tao Bao), were unsure about the quality, hence decided to go ahead with BoConcept.

Laundry Area
Miscellaneous decor

How can you not have this cute little marble clock seating beside your TV cabinet. It’s contemporary, useful, simple and nice. Also bought from BoConcept.

Little plants in a mini pot
Little plants in a mini pot

A steel rod that hangs mini pot of plant. When you have a small patio and do not know what to do with it. Hang this up, it’s green, environmental friendly and ease in the eyes. Plus, it is so tiny, not that hard to take care of, right?

Let me know if you like what you see, I can post more. 🙂

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