Today, I’m going to write about my mom’s recipe for 菜尾 (Cai Boey) aka 酸辣菜 (Hokkien: Sui Luak Cai, Mandarin: Suan Lak Cai, Cantonese: Suen Lat Coi). In Hokkien, it literally means leftover vegetables. It is the all time favourite for the whole family, extremely appetizing. My mommy’s recipe is slightly different from others and has quiet a number of ingredients. I remembered during this Chinese New Year, she made a pot of Cai Boey and brought it to restaurant to share with my relatives. They finished the whole pot and left nothing, even asked for more. Therefore, this time, please prepare a large pot.

The recipe isn’t spicy, just an adequate amount of saltiness from the roasted pork, a touch of sweetness from the tomatoes, carrot, yam bean, and a little tartness from the salted plum. I have made this several times and it never failed to delight me. Try my recipe, I’m sure you will like it.

Serving: 7-8 persons | Preparation time: 20-30 min | Cook time: 10-15 min | Simmer time: 1.5-2 hours


1.5kg Chinese mustard 盖菜(Kai Choi) (Refer to Note #1 below)

1 roasted trotter (front leg), chopped. (Refer to Note #2 below)

500g roasted hand and hock 前腿肉, chopped.

2 cloves of garlic, minced

1 yellow onion, shredded

1tbsp black pepper, smashed

5cm ginger, peeled and sliced

6-7 pieces dried chilis, remove the seed

300g yam bean 沙葛 (Bang Kuang), peeled and sliced

30g black fungus 黑木耳, sliced

1 carrot, sliced

6-8 tomatoes, cut to 4 each.

3 Shantou salted plum, 3 粒 水酸梅 (Refer to Note #3 below)


  1. Chinese Mustard can be replaced with Chinese Broccoli (芥兰). The taste is equally delicious. Clean the vegetables and cut it into three slice.
  2. Front pork leg has less fat compare to hind leg. Roasted pork can be replaced with roasted duck (烧鸭). Using roasted duck actually taste better to me, it smells good too. Please request the butcher to have your meat cut so you won’t have to do it.
  3. For health (mainly gastric) issues, we replaced Asam boi (阿三片) with Shantou salted plum.
Raw ingredient (Before)
Raw ingredients (Before)

After chopping, slicing and shredding, your ingredients should look this.

Colourful ingredient, isn’t it?! Top left (Clockwise): Chopped Chinese Mustard, Cut Tomatoes, Sliced Onion, Smashed Ground Pepper, minced Garlic and sliced Ginger, seedless Dried Chillies, shredded Bang Kuang, Sliced Black Fungus and Carrot
  1. In a pot (preferably 5 litre size), heat up with 1 tbsps of oil and add garlic, ginger, dried chillies, onion, black pepper. Stir fry till fragrance.
  2. Add carrot, yam bean and black fungus, 200ml water, stir for 1 minute.
  3. Add roasted trotter (together with bone) and roasted hand and hock into the pot. Mix the ingredients together.
  4. Add chinese mustard, tomatoes and pour in about 600ml of water. Cover the lid, allow the vegetables to soften.
  5. Simmer the dish for about 1.5 – 2 hours in low heat. The dish is ready to be served.
Steps 6, your vege should be soften as the picture above.
Referring to Step 4, your vegetable should be softened as the picture above.


菜尾/酸辣菜 配饭, yummy.. Cai Boey served with rice.

I hope you like this dish which contains vitamin A-Z. Enjoy!

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