Penang is where I was born and living in for 17 years. Like other high school graduate, I am obliged to choose my study path after high school, I decided to move to Kuala Lumpur (KL) and study IT. I visit parents once in every two or three months. This practise has been continued for more than 10 years. This time around, husband decided to do hotel hopping in Penang. We booked Rasa Sayang Hotel, Lone Pine and Seven Terraces on, they provide 1 free night as a reward for booking 10 nights with them. Who doesn’t like reward?! 🙂 We have chosen these hotels as they are one of the top rated (8/10) above hotels in Tripadvisor, Agoda and

Among these hotels, we love Seven Terraces the most, it is strategically located in Georgetown heritage area, one of the place I have fond memories with. Just right beside Seven Terraces is Guan Yin (Goddess of Mercy) Temple where my mom used to bring us there. Pigeons flock in front of the temple for food where tourists feed them during the day. There were crowd of beggars sitting outside of the temple waiting for kind souls to donate some money. The devotees believed that Kuan Yin (deity) will answer the prayer of those who is searching for soul mate or hoping for a newborn baby. Often, the devotees’ prayers are answered. Few blocks down the road, one of the shop was my aunty’s hair salon. We got our hair cut there when we were little. Now that she has retired, the shop is no longer there. All these long forgotten memories had suddenly flashed through my eyes, how I miss those moments. 🙁

During our stay in Seven Terraces, we walked a lot to see this heritage town. Seven terraces was named after the owner bought over total of seven lots of link house that was left abandon for a century. Trees grown so big that it’s root sprawling around the wall, concurring the terraces. These houses had to be demolished and rebuilt from scratch but without affecting the exterior walls as much as possible. The Penang government had imposed this law to preserve the old heritage houses in Georgetown.

Seven Terraces. The corridor behind the hotel. The entrance supposed to be in front of this corridor. Instead of designing this way, they have the entrance built at the back facing a small alley, provide more privacy to the in-house guest.
Seven Terraces. Kate, the caretaker told us that Seven Terraces has a lot of doors that can be open up to make a bigger space.
Seven Terraces. Me posing in the lobby. In this little space, they have at least 5 doors around! Of course, the one behind me too (it connects to swimming pool). 🙂
Seven Terraces. The swimming pool.
Seven Terraces’ courtyard. View from the staircase to the rooms.
Seven Terraces. The corridor that connects the rooms.
Seven Terraces. By evening the staffs will close all these doors.
Seven Terraces, Penang
Seven Terraces. Our room, there are two floors , the first floor is our bedroom, the second one is living area. Behind the doors of this bed is a spacious bathroom.
We took a picture from the second floor of our room.

We had a walk nearby Seven Terraces.

Kuan Yin Temple. This is the temple I was talking about. What a sweet serendipity to pass through here again.
Steward Lane. The facade of old heritage building.
Love Lane. Few artist volunteered to draw lively arts beautifying this town.
Chulia Street. Another piece of art street.

During the night, we dine in Seven Terraces’ own restaurant, Kebaya Dining Room. The restaurant was rated one of the top in TripAdvisor for Georgetown. The baba-nyonya style dining was really good. For a luxury boutique house like this, they indeed live up to the standard. A dine in cost is about MYR120 (‎£22 / $28) per person, you will eat till bloated.

Seven Terraces. The night view.
Seven Terraces. Below the staircase was this little elephant made of wire greeting us.
Seven Terraces. If you stand on the other side, it is two giraffes. What an art!
Seven Terraces. Breakfast area, it is called as the library. They have an option of western and local menu for the in-house guest.

The atmosphere in Seven Terraces is cordial and relaxed. We felt like we are back to the good old times. The staffs are exceptionally accommodating. As a Penang born, I am constantly fussy about food because good food is everywhere here. Seven Terraces has that exception quality that most of the hotels does not consist of. Will I be back again, YES!

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